Balanced Garcinia Reviews

The popularity of Garcinia Cambogia has given rise to many dubious offers. Most of these are offered as trials. Seemingly you get to try the product for a small shipping charge.

What is kept hidden in the terms and condition is the fact that you end up paying a huge recurring monthly charge unless you cancel your membership.

This auto ship program scam has made many users feel scammed and unhappy with their Garcinia Cambogia pills.

Balanced Garcinia is one such trial offer. But before we jump to the conclusion it is scam let us look at the product and the offer in more detail.

Balanced Garcinia Reviews

What is Balanced Garcinia?

Balanced Garcinia is marketed as a Garcinia Cambogia pill. It claims to “burn fat fast” and is offered as a 14-day trial. Very little else is mentioned on the official website apart from some general benefits.

What benefits does Balanced Garcinia claim to offer?

The Balanced Garcinia website makes some big claims like

  • Reduce ability to store fat
  • Control appetite
  • Slow production of fat
  • Increase energy level

These benefits sound good but to be sure of them we need to know the ingredients used.

What are the ingredients used in Balanced Garcinia?

We could find absolutely no mention of the ingredients on the Balanced Garcinia website. We can only assume it is based on Garcinia Cambogia extract. We get no information on the exact dose used or the % HCA. Neither do we get to know if any other ingredient is used and if it’s free from fillers and additives.

This in itself should warn you about this product. How can you judge the efficacy unless you know the ingredients?

Balanced Garcinia Reviews

What does the Balanced Garcinia trial really cost?

The 14-day trial offer initially costs you just $4.95. What is made clear only in the terms and conditions is the fact that unless you cancel your trial within this period you will be charged a huge $79.95 and continue to be charge this amount monthly till you cancel the auto ship program membership.

Is Balanced Garcinia Scam?

Balanced Garcinia has its trial terms made clear, but if are unfortunate enough not to cancel your membership within the 14-day period you are likely to feel scammed.

This is the very reason we caution against such trial offers. They can cost you much more than anticipated and are notoriously hard to cancel.

Hence we cannot recommend Balanced Garcinia, it is a product better avoided.

What are the contact details of Balanced Garcinia?

You can contact them by email at: and via phone at 888-842-4486.

Do share your experience with the Balanced Garcinia trial offer using the form below.

Better Alternative to Balanced Garcinia

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